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2 Players
260 TL
3 Players
360 TL
4 Players
440 TL
5 Players
500 TL


What is Real Life Escape Game?
It is a game where you find clues and solve puzzles placed in one or more rooms by using perception skills. Unlike the examples played on computer the adventure takes place in a real room with real puzzles designed with real materials and so you have to solve these puzzles with physical interaction in given time that’s why it is called “Real” Life Escape Game.
When did the Real Life Escape Games come up ?
Various sources suggest that the first examples came up in year 2006 both in America and Hong Kong.
Those escape games were usually activities designed to amuse junior students in summer camps. They were mostly rooms filled with loads of puzzles and it was not about escaping from the room. In real terms, first escape game emerges in 2008 at Kyoto, Japan. This new type of entertainment rapidly spread around the world and in 2014 it showed up in Turkey.
Is this a kind of an IQ Test?
Absolutely not! This is a team game so its not a method to measure one’s intelligence. With a little concentration anyone hooked up on this adventure can escape these rooms.
Can I play alone?
Our rooms are designed to push your perception and puzzle solving skills so we think you might struggle. That is why our games are played with minimum 2 players. Whats the point of having fun if you don’t share it?
Which game should we play?
We advice you to contact us for the answer. We can guide you to a suitable game for your team, with your expectations and your experience on escape games.
What is the maximum player limit?
The games that we designed for you are for 2-5 persons. Our upcoming game “Holy Treasure” will be available for 4-12 persons, larger groups and corporate companies for teamwork activities. You can find out the minimum & maximum player limits for each game on their web pages.
How much time I have?
Our games lasts 60 minutes. The briefs given by our Game Masters are not included in that duration.
We love our adventures to be intelligent, agile and punctual so we advice you to be at Escapist Square 20 minutes before your reservation.
What happens if I can’t escape within the given time?
We lock you forever in the room! Or we give you brief according to your advancement in the game and we kindly take you to the lobby and prepare the room for the next team. Usually apply the second option.
Should I make any preparations?
You don’t need anything other than yourself and you team. We already made all the arrangements for you. Take your brain with you and get in the room! If possible wear comfortable / sport clothes.
We have secure closets where you can leave personal belongings and live your adventure without any burdens.
Why are we not supposed to take cellphones and any other technological device with us ?
Our games are designed to give you an amazing adventure look and feel. Every single one of them are handmade and we want players to experience it with their own eyes. We don’t want your experience to be ruined with spoilers.
How do I make reservations?
You can select one of our games and see the available reservations slots on our website. Other than that you can call us and make a reservation directly. Not enough ? Come to our Escapist Square and use one of our Kiosks and reserve the best suitable day and hour for yourself.
What are the payment options?
Escapist accepts payments via credit / debit cards and cash.
Are the game zones secure?
We have desingned our game zones with extreme caution for you and your teammates. Our rooms are prepared for dangers like fire and they will operate even if there are electricity cuts. Rooms are controlled regularly for your safety. Other than automatic security systems our game masters will be watching you through out your game for security reasons.
Can I leave the room whenever I want?
There is a communication panel in each of our rooms and you can communicate with game masters anytime you want. Without even asking in case of emergencies you can press the panic button and lave the game zone. But in this case the whole game is terminated for your team. You’re not allowed to leave the room by yourself.
What should I do to get a clue when I am stuck?
Press green button on our communication panel and wait. Our game masters will call you in short notice.
How many clues I can get?
You can get as much clue as you like but after getting 3 clues each hint will be processed at Escapist’s ultra advanced technological score algorithm and you’ll get less points for your progress.
What happens if I damage objects in the room?
You would not wouldn’t you? Are you a vandal? No you’re not. If you damage you’ll have to live with the grief of ruining the game for the next group. Upon your exit you might have to explain what / why you did to the game. Afterall we have player coming from other cities and countries. We don’t have any puzzles that needs to be solved with the use of power so we expect that you will not use excessive force to damage objects in our rooms.
Is there an age limit?
Age limit in our rooms is 15. Younger friends can enter our games with a grown up. Other than our “Metruk” game, arithmetic sum of the ages should be higher than 15.
Toilet, Parking Zone & Air Conditioning?
As the Turkey’s first Escape Game Center in a shopping mall we give you all these opportunities. There is only one thing you should know and that is you cannot go to the toilet while you’re playing. When the door is shot it won’t open until you solve the puzzles.
What day and time can I play?
All week between 10.00AM and 12PM you can play. The sessions for each game can be different. We advice you to check it at reservation screen. The games that are starting after the closing hours of the shopping mall, all you have to do is to tell the security that you’re going to Escapist!
How much a game cost?
You can have detailed information on our game reservation page or to get more information you can contact us.